Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meet the Sallys Behind it All.

Flerida in Sister Mary's a Dyke? which was workshopped by Carlos Bulosan Theatre
She had me at Sex Mex. Ever since I saw Flerida Peña perform her awkward and obviously queer work at the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture, I knew she would be the perfect person to pair with for "When Sally Met Sally". (Not to mention she’s Filipina and from Scarborough...not to judge.) 

I needed someone who could improvise screwing up big on the dating scene. (Not that she knows anything about that.)

Here, she demonstrates the perfect screw up based on research that has nothing to do with her own romantic life. (Right, Flerida?)

My beautiful sister, MC Jazz is the person behind the song "Mrs. X" (produced by Paula Burrows, Jupiter Productions), which you will hear at the end of each episode. If ever you have the luck and honour to watch her perform and witness a sea of queer people shouting out her lyrics, then you will know why her voice had to be our anthem.To learn more about the Queer Hip Hop Movement, click here.

And then there's me. I write shit and people come see it. Sometimes they laugh. Sometimes they cry. This is me impersonating a real-to-life person based on a dating testimony from a friend.  For reals.

Meet Sally.

The Two Sallys edit at the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture
Sally began with an ending. I was in the middle of mourning a breakup and as a typical artist and conduit to all that is painful and bizarre, I decided to make online dating a sport. I was going to randomly choose numerous different people to date on Friday and Saturday nights just to occupy my time and to see what kind of weirdos I could accumulate. 

I hit a goldmine. It was like the opening credits of the Beverley Hillbillies, only instead of some stereotypical old lady dancing around Texas Tea, I was a queer coloured chick looking for the exit sign while sitting opposite some head case. 

I would share my unbelievable stories with friends who would listen to me, slack-jawed wondering how on earth could the internet be such a tool for destruction. Almost every friend suggested I write about it because my experiences were so unbelievably embarrassing that I had to make it public. 

Meet, “When Sally Met Sally” an online video collection of queer dating disasters. 

The rules are:
*Each episode features the same queer people playing numerous different “Sallys” in numerous different dating disasters.
*Each episode is based on true stories submitted by our viewership.
*Each episode is improvised, usually shot in one take and is around 2 minutes long. 
This first episode of "When Sally Met Sally" illustrates the very first of my online dating spree. If you recognize yourself in this video, do not call me. Take my phone number and burn it, please and thank you.